Top 10 Long Running Anime

Top 10 Long Running Anime.

I love getting into anime shows, but for the most part they just aren’t long enough, 12 episodes leaves no time for character development, 26 episodes always seem to rush the ending into the last 2 episodes, where 50 episodes or longer seem to be paced pretty well, yes they can drag a little in parts but they have time to give you back information into all the characters you’ve really started to get attached to.

So here’s a list of the long anime shows I’ve come across and been able to find and watched , they run long enough for you to really sink your teeth into ^_^.

1.       Get  Backers – 49 episodes completed

2.       Rurouni Kenshin – 95 episodes completed

3.       Naruto- 220 episodes completed – followed by Naruto Shippuden

4.       Naruto Shippuden –  178 episodes, Currently ongoing

5.       Bleach – 289 episodes, Currently ongoing

6.       Saiyuki / Saiyuki Reload / Saiyuki GunLock – 50, 25, and 26 episodes respectively.

7.       Yu Yu Hakusho – 112 episodes, Completed

8.       Dragonball Z –  291 episodes, Completed

9.       One Piece -  467 episodes, Currently ongoing

10.   Fullmetal Alchemist / Brotherhood – 51 episodes, 64 episodes respectively.

Ok so I said the top 10 but I have to give a special mention to Detective Conan, with its mass amount of episodes.

11.   Detective Conan – 589 episodes, Currently ongoing

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5 Responses to Top 10 Long Running Anime

  1. Mack Govin says:

    As I website owner I think the subject material here is real excellent , thanks for your efforts.

  2. sh says:

    its cool but how about gintama its a good show to and long with 234 episodes

  3. K1 says:

    DC easily my best thanks for adding it :-).. With Kenshin as second, seen all those dropped OP at halfway and now continuing (it has some nice moments now..)

  4. EurekaTenshi says:

    Eh?…… Where’s Reborn, Gintama, DGM ???? And why The best anime is in sooo bad place???? And where is Eureka Seven? It have many eps, and i think it’s one of the best anime and it’s in my top of anime at 2-nd place.

    • admin says:

      I’ve never got round to seeing Eureka Seven thats why its not on the list, and as to Gintama etc, this list was made a few years ago before i watched them, and DGM wow!! i cant believe i actually missed that one out, that should definately be on this list, Thanks

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